Friday, January 31, 2020

A Bird of Paradise!

This watercolor of a bird of paradise, one of many now magically showing up by the score by my studio, is difficult to capture, but think of it as a color wheel, but not a wheel!

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Current Schedule of Available Times for Your Art Classes

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Call me at (904)309-0151,
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Watercolor View From Clarks Fishcamp


 Clarks Fish Camp is a rare and friendly restaurant on the Julington Creek river in Jacksonville.  It is a must see for carnivors and people who love the older southern style  (and fast disappearing places of Florida.  When you step into this restaurant (under threat by gentrification, but also global warming, it's flooded before!) you feel like you are stepping back in time.  You can sit inside with a thousand taxidermied animals and birds from all over the earth.  I am told they were given by the zoo years ago.  Or you can sit outside and enjoy the fresh air, a sunset and a view across the water, while small alligators swim under and about hoping for the odd shrimp tossed from the porch seating.  While waiting for my dinner and margarita, I took pictures across the water.  
Here are the step by step photos.  I started with masking for the highlight colors on the trees and water lilies

I got the paper wet with a large brush evenly then began painting cool blues, 
then warm color washes  into the trees and water lily areas, 
switching to cools as I progressed downward.

Then I started introducing the greens for the tree shade areas and reflections.  
Make sure to use color richly or the down flowing water (on an easel) will 
wash it out.  This painting looks better with richly applied color.

I scratched into the reflections with a butter knife and added more color to the lilies 

After letting the washes dry, I removed the masking fluid. 
 I like Windsor Newton's yellow tinted type. 
Then while the dark green was still wet I used a 
bit of salt in the under story to add texture.

All that is left to do at this point is to colorize in a variety 
of greens cool and warm the white exposed areas.

A closeup below should give you lots to explore!

NEW! WATERCOLOR CLASSES at Reddi Arts February Schedule 2021

A dventure in Watercolor!  A class for beginners and Intermediate alike. I approach this medium with a sense of adventure and flexibility,...