Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Poem as Artist Statement/ Narrative

I am a mighty oak, but nothing if not a fool,
Still watching, and waiting, trying to keep my cool,
To try hard to forget an unpeaceful past,
Questioning I ask “why doesnt anything last?”
My tired body frame beaten by time,
Grand oak etched and reduced to a rythm and line
Hypnotic music reverberates inside me
Rocking a symphony in my soul sea,
Waves of emotion pass through my core,
Locked in my body on the beach floor,
Darkness banishes an ignorant world,
Watercolor surf pounds a wave hurled
On white weathered melody of winds’ circumstance,
So many stars, truths uncovered by chance,
A wave, a shadow, a mind now unfettered
Pregnant with memories, old friends remembered,
Promising love, promising ten thousand things,
I’m still waiting for the wisdom bell ring,
Relations, unfolding, soulmates thought sharing
Promises of hope, trust and much caring
An ocean of mind, bold sunset and storm
Wind, waves wood, all emotions reborn,
A word passes for truth, all ego is vanity
Shadows and dust, changing, challenging sanity,
Wood is my moment, and wind is ethereal
A wave like ten thosuand before it, eternal,
Deaths’ lessons bring a message much hollow,
Still, watching, I wait, for wisdom to follow,
Footprints are covered, my trail is forgotten
My wood is eternal, I am not yet rotten
I’ll be here tomorrow, and probably more,
Silently watching your memories as you pass by the shore.
-Gordon Meggison IV-

Ensemble in Golds and Grays

This triptych was inspired by the two pieces below. Alissa Bennett of Design Studio A at, saw these two pieces named Aqua and Silver #1 and #2 and loved them for her project at the Shakespeare House in Ormond Beach Florida. It lead to this prototype for my new series "Wind , Water, Wood" . It will be a more mature look at first the east coast, then the west in terms of "Power vs Force"., (David R. Hawkins MD.) a principle of human behavior. I will use this series as a metaphor to expressive both the creative and destructive elements of nature, and how the rhythms exemplified in wood create a narrative of a life lived in all its stages. These "Boneyards" stir up a lot of memories, feelings, and moods when one walks among them and they change as clouds do as one walks around them, and at different times of the day. They became a type of face on which is etched life and the kinesiology of a muscular natural process of force and power within all life. I wrote a poem related to this, as if the tree could talk and observe. It can be viewed on my blog

The early works

Im in the Amelia Islander Magazine!

A recent house I did was featured in the Amelia Islander Magazine. There were nine bathrooms and powder rooms in it, and I did them all! Here is a view of the magazine article.

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