Saturday, May 16, 2020

My Practice Run At Alexandria Oaks Park 5/16/2020

I decided since it has been awhile since I have painted outdoors, what with all the hibernation these days, that I would get my feet wet at the Alexandria Oaks Park near the San Marco Square.  It is a lovely park I frequent for a nice time with the dogs, and fresh air.  I thought it would be an ideal location in these isolationist times to give everyone a chance to be together but a bit apart, get fresh air, enjoy a common interest and keep our skills sharpened for when we get to travel again and see the uncovid world.  At that time we will be able to carry our watercolor or acrylic paint skills anywhere, no studio or church needed, just some paint and a desire to do something adventurous, even heroic!.  Some people skydive, or scuba, I choose to risk it all and paint.  Remember it is like hunting, you don't always bag your prey, but the hunt is all part of it.  When it works it is very rewarding for years to come.  When it doesn't you still have fun and fresh air.
Example:  So today I am doing this piece you see, not quite finished but almost, running low on water (note to self bring more water next time!) and some curious onlookers with dogs come nearby.  The dogs begin rough housing, mine are not by the way, perfect kids, and they run thru my tripod and knock over my paint into the dirt.  That is where water would have been handy!  Also note to self bring a portable stool!

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