Saturday, May 23, 2020

Sick of Zoom Art Classes?

If you are ready to get out of the house,
 but still want to stay safe, and enjoy this great spring weather while being inspired and uplifted by nature.....  
Join this 4 week Plein Air class 
with Gordon Meggison.  

This will be for both Acrylic , oil and watercolor.  I can coach in whatever medium you prefer.  My demo will initially be watercolor because it was designed to be a sketch medium for future works in other mediums. 
Call Patti at  Reddi Arts 
 (904) 398-3161 x 312,  
ask about the Plein Air Class in San Marco with Gordon Meggison June 4-25

Gordon has painted all through Europe and has experience dealing with outdoor painting.  This class will help you travel light, stay in touch with the best source of inspiration- nature - real reality!  Plein Air work has always given artists a way to get in touch with loose immediate impressionism and helped them find their style.  It forces you to get out of your self to get to the heart of what is important, fast!

Dates : Thursday June 4, 11 , 18, 25 .  
If weather is poor we can add a day to the end or move over to a Friday slot.
All social distancing protocols will be observed , but there will be lots of room outside for all of us.  Let’s have fun old school!

Description:  This class is only for 4 days presently, by it may be extended if it is well attended for longer weather permitting.
We will meet early, 8-8:30am, because Florida can get warm as the day progresses, for the first day at the San Marco Square plaza gazebo in the center of the Square.  There Gordon will introduce the essentials of plein air work and how to set up for success.  Traveling light is the key!  I will be covering both acrylic and watercolor processes.  So bring your medium of choice. 
We will caravan over in separate cars to the next paint site at the nearby open park with plenty of space to spread out, low traffic, lots of shade choices.

Tools: For Watercolor Students-
Paint - Windsor & Newton PRO GRADE  or Holbein paints (No Cotmans!!!) :
Pre-Load your Watercolors into a Plastic folding Palette-
you can use : Cadmium Red or Opera rose, Cerulean Blue, Horizon Blue, Cobalt Blue, Ultramarine blue, Olive Green, Sap Green, Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna, Cadmium Yellow, Indigo
Brushes - #12 and #16 Sable (Princeton (best) ,a 1”hake’ brush or flat natural hair
Low tack masking tape 1”
#2 pencil
1 KNEADED eraser
Flat 3” X 5” kitchen sponge
WIDE BASE Water Cup such as tupperware for cleaning brushes and 2 larger water bottles
Paper towels- fold some into a small plastic sandwich bag
butter knife for scraping
whales tale palette knife small made of metal-
buy tools at Reddi Arts  before class day

For Acrylic Students: I will show you how to get more image from less paint, show you how to simplify your process and get to it with less effort.   Brushes-small flats and filberts
Colors- White, raw sienna, burnt sienna, burnt umber, black
Water & container, small palette that is resealable stays wet style-ask reddi arts- I suggest either a small canvas like 8x8” or  on 140lb minimum or heavier (300 lb)  watercolor paper, 10” x12” something small.  When you are out you don’t want a huge piece.
A kitchen Sponge
I can bring small stools but let me know if you need one to reserve them.  I can provide easels for acrylic students or bring your own easels if you have one.

 Plein Air work has been embraced of for centuries as a great way to get honest with your direct response to nature and your art.  It brings immediacy to the work, where studio work appeals to all your tight impulses! It's like hunting, some times you bag the big game some times you don't but it's the hunt that is where the fun is.  It is about getting fluid and loose with a minimum amount of materials and time invested.  It is a form of personal calligraphy and a kind of simplification and accuracy challenge!  Fresh air doesn't hurt!

 Here are some examples of plein air watercolors by John Singer Sargent.

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