Friday, May 22, 2020

When Are You Finished With a Painting ?

You are finished by most standards but.... 
So I have been posting the ongoing progress of this painting, I will call Notan Dragon.  I may change that, anyway, I am 99% finished.  It is that point where you are afraid to screw it up, but when you see an area targeted for improvement, enhancement or correction, you should act, and take the risk.  Risk is where you do the most learning and growing, fear of loss is where the fear lives.  This unusual piece was designed for risk!! lol
Here is the overview, and some areas I am targeting for improvement.
I have not done them yet so I will post when I am finished and you be the judge if it was worth it!

Below: I am posting a lot of detail here to examine.  Note the trees will get a bit of attention to give them some color and contrast, hopefully without drawing too much attention to them.  They seem too light in the upper left hand corner now.

 Below: I wanted to add some grey neutral wash to the middle value texture of the bark to bring out the brush texture without darkening the whole thing too much.  My hope is that it will give it even more depth.

Below: I am looking at the foam and wave action and considering some warm raw sienna washes and pale blue values to sharpen but a few of the pools to differentiate the shapes, it seems a bit too fluffy and lacey.

Below:  I am considering adding some brighter blue in the sky and darker grey in the storm clouds to show one of those typical Florida days when it is both sunny and threatening at the same time, much like today's environment we live in!

Stay tuned for the next post to see if I have succeeded!

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