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"How To Energize Your Paintings? Acrylic Workshop Classes at Reddi Arts in February 2021

" It is not enough just to make it look like something.
We live in an energetic world, emotion, life!
To inspire us and make us want to look at a painting over
and over, it must give us something. Energy is that gift." -Gordon Meggison

When I first started painting acrylics years ago I just wanted to do a decent painting that looked like something.  Time passed , and the technical difficulties receded with practice, but I found something was missing, a dramatic impact. Many factors go into building a beautiful memorable image. Naturally you don't want to reinvent the wheel, or spend years being frustrated. Another set of eyes and a guiding hand can speed the process up to get you to a more satisfying painting. -Gordon Meggison

"How to Create More Dramatic Impact"

5 Great Techniques will be covered
1.Classical Realism made easier,
2.Abstract Process Painting and Color Field Techniques,
3.Unique Wet into Wet layering
4.The Power of Negative Space
5. How to Use Light and Temperature Effects

How to supercharge your vision
and be to keep you inspired!

I am excited to help you recharge the energy in your pieces, resolve compositional issues fast, build drama into the piece, before the color work even begins. Notan process is surprisingly useful to "get you there fast", while impacting the outcome of your art creating excitement for you and the viewer! I share may other secrets that have variable use and many possibilities they can unlock! We will try abstracts, color field process, and realistic styles with blending and textural techniques during this seminar.

Each person will have a 6 foot table to themselves to maintain distance, and only 6 people will be admitted.
Last Call to register as soon as possible if you want to be a part of these new art secrets classes.
Call Patty at Reddi Arts (904)398-3161 ext 312 to register or
Acrylic Intermediate and Beginner welcome Class - Taking your skills to the next level!
Day 1 We will review each students strengths and experience.  
Bring some past work for review so I can gauge what you need to improve your work.
I will cover best practices for color blending, creating appealing rich surfaces.  How to reconstruct color fixes and blending into older areas. Using layering and glazing to max effect.  Setting up still life pieces, painting from life.  How to take advantage of “tiling” for more contemporary lively surfaces.  How to achieve texture and enhancing previously textures areas with over scraping and color washes.  How to employ different degrees of depth using a variety of wet in wet techniques and viscosities.
Will take requests for custom theme problems, portraits, clouds, landscapes, seascapes, trees etc.  We will also cover how to set up and achieve a non objective and objective abstract .

Below: Crossover abstract and Reality, How to use graphic 
spaces, texture, clean bold color, neutrals, and layering to 
get depth. We will also cover composition.
Below: Wet in to wet techniques can add freshness, -How to get the most out of wet into wet , the right formula!
Materials List:
Paint - Goldens BEST! or Liquitex (NO Poor Quality paint like Basic and No Galleria!)
  • Colors - Large tube of Titanium White, Cadmium Red, Alizarin Crimson, Cerulean Blue, Cobalt Blue, Ultramarine blue, Sap Green, Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna, Raw Sienna, Cadmium Yellow, Chromium Green
  • Golden glaze medium, and Extender medium
  • “Stays Wet “ resealable palette, a shammy and disposable palette paper are usually included in a new set.
  • Brushes - bright white small 4,6,8 filbert and 4,6,8, square flat tips (I can help choose those day 1)charcoal pack, 1 KNEADED eraser
  • Flat 3” X 5” kitchen sponges2 WIDE BASE Water Cups such as tupperware
Paper towels
whales tale palette knife small made of metal- buy at Reddi Arts day of class
To examine the blog to see past lessons and posts 
of activities I have been doing in oils and acrylics 
as well as watercolors.  
See older posts for past lessons and step by steps
 Blog at 
Call me at (904)309-0151,or email me at
Below: More of my latest !
"On my website I will be able to share my extensive portfolio of fine art and large wall murals with you."

To see some examples go to ...

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